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Add a retro touch to your table with our collection of enamel tableware. These timeless products combine elegance and durability.

As the enamel process is carried out manually and not by a machine, it is possible that the enamel is applied onto the unfinished casting with a varying thickness that may cause surfaces to be slightly uneven. Some tiny black spots or pores may be visible. They are, however, part of the typical appearance of enamel goods. They do not influence the corrosion protection.

* Durable material: enamel is a very strong material that does not break, remains shiny and is colorfast. If you drop it or hit it, it may flake but it will not break.
* Suitable for use in traditional ovens and on hobs (gas or electric)
* Not suitable for microwave ovens
* To prolong the life of your enamel items, wash them preferably by hand (even if they are dishwasher-safe).

Diameter: 6 inches  Height: 2.5 inch

Brand: Zangra